Making paid loyalty initiatives viable
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Making paid loyalty initiatives viable

Ai Editorial

22nd February, 2022

Why would a traveller pay up front for any sort of loyalty initiative? What makes paid loyalty click with travellers?

How to go about acquiring or retaining not only frequent flyers but also those who travel few times in a year?

Airlines must delve into what a passenger is looking for – the value (the associated earn and burn cycle or in case a subscription plan, the experience of booking a seat, the payment plan etc.) and how to make their trip seamless (depending upon the profile of the traveller).

Another point of consideration is what model to choose for enticing more frequent buys or even keeping a member engaged.

A lot is happening in this arena.

“We see a unique opportunity to recognize and reward travellers for their engagement. And while we will continue to experiment with our paid membership tier, Tripadvisor Plus, we think strengthening the value proposition of a free membership program is the right place to start,” said Matt Goldberg, Tripadvisor’s CEO during the company’s Q4 earnings call.

Airlines, like American Airlines, which recently stated that its new loyalty member accounts rose by 59% in 2022 (versus 2019), are trying to offer more benefits and letting one earn rewards before, between, and beyond status levels.

How can existing members be surprised for their loyalty or for a paid loyalty/ subscription plan?

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By Ritesh Gupta, Ai Events

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