Keeping a loyalty program relevant for members
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Keeping a loyalty program relevant for members

Ai Editorial

18th April, 2023

You use a new shopping app, a new payment method, plan your next trip…can all of this that you do be taken into taken into consideration by a travel loyalty program and improve every interaction whenever you try to engage with a travel brand? Or can a travel brand seamlessly find a place even if you aren’t considering it?

As a travel merchant that runs a loyalty initiative a lot can be analysed to build a stronger affiliation with a traveller.

Some of the key points:

  • The profile of the traveller has changed. Is segmentation working? Accordingly evaluate the attractiveness of benefits. Also, make sure to interact with Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers in their own way.
  • Value proposition: Partnerships in such initiatives are delivering, mainly because brands are now coming up with exclusive value, not a me-too offer that can be availed easily. Think of loyalty points for paying rent (Bilt Rewards) or Uber-Spotify partnership.

Brands need to provide tangible value as part of the loyalty value exchange, especially as consumers’ economic concerns remain at the forefront.

  • Ways to leverage data: Nike and Spotify working jointly indicated that brands can get to know about aspects like the frequency, the duration of running etc. along with the genre of music being preferred while running. More personal the data, better overall marketing initiatives.
  • Security: Trust, security, and compliance need to go hand in hand with the deployment of advanced digital and data processing capabilities.
  • Doing away with siloed approaches: Value exchange, too has shifted from transactional to emotional connections and immediate value-add. It is imperative for a loyalty program to be entirely organized with an enterprise-wide loyalty culture. Siloed experiences aren’t going to yield a desired result.

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Dates: 25-26 April, 2023

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By Ritesh Gupta, Ai Events

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