Is “8x earn on gas purchases” enough? -
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Is “8x earn on gas purchases” enough?

Ai Editorial

Travel loyalty programs have taken initiatives to offer members more flexibility, paving way for choice and opportunities to earn and redeem miles/ points. But is it enough?

2nd June, 2021

Why do we love certain apps? How can travel brands inspire, sustain the bond…?

These and many similar questions are fascinating, and at the end of the day, the financial gain, too, needs to reflect as much as the love for the brand stands out.

How have travel brands managed to sustain an emotional connect in the last 12 months or so? How to evaluate the significance of a cobranded credit card?

Certain brands have done well to reward cardholders for everyday purchase, offering a faster way to a free night or flight since last year. There also have been initiatives taken to let one avail privileges, for instance, getting closer to one tier status higher.

Letting one to explore new ways to fast-track to the next tier status by allowing them to garner loyalty currency for food orders, utility bill payments, groceries, educational fees etc. is fine. But is there some other way to take this relationship to the next level? What’s next in addition to 8x earn on gas purchases or 4x earn on restaurant and grocery purchases?

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Some of the speakers/ presenters include:

“Keep talking, keep innovating” – this is what Kate recommended last year, during one of Ai’s virtual events, to those who manage co-brand and loyalty initiatives. How have they fared?

By Ritesh Gupta

Ai Team

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