How clear is the value proposition of your travel loyalty program?
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How clear is the value proposition of your travel loyalty program?

Ai Editorial

25th May, 2023

If a brand expects continuous customer engagement, then the target audience must be aware of the benefits that are being promised at every tier in a tiered loyalty program and even better how rewards can result in a distinctive travel experience. This aspect must be an integral part of the chosen structure for such an initiative.

As a specialist, the team at arrivia not only recommends relevant travel rewards (based on shared demographics or interests, offerings include discounts, unique experiences, non-public base pricing etc.), but also a simplified UX (being aware of each reward tier and the different benefits available at each tier, how to earn rewards, expiry timeline etc.), indicating progress in a creative manner, and also counting on landing pages and personalized email marketing campaigns.

This can be tied with causes for breakage, analysing issues with redeeming miles or points, less relevant rewards etc. Eventually, the initiative should result in the virtuous loyalty loop as the traveller attains the reward or benefit and mobilizes to accrue more.

From planning perspective, as discussed during #MegaEvent2023 in London last month, the panellists strong advocated that one should avoid copying features like rewards even if the comp. loyalty program is working well, replicating features a big no. Also, data can play its part data in sharing user preferences, to shape up necessary adjustments to a travel loyalty program.

The panel featured David Feldman, Sarah MoorePhil Gunter and Olly Brough discussed what to do and not to do when it comes to reworking on a #loyaltyprogram.

Interested in such topics? Don’t forget to attend Ai’s Co-Brand & Travel Rewards 2023, scheduled to take place in Wilmington, Delaware (18-19 October):

By Ritesh Gupta, Ai Events

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