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Date: Thursday 29 July 2021, 10am Eastern
Location: Online
Free Recordind: Click Here

Although Covid Passports have been an ongoing topic for many months, as countries begin to implement them in mass the effects and consequences are only just becoming a reality. One such effect is fraud. The “vaccine hesitant” are already buying fraudulent vaccine credentials on the Dark Web or the Telegram messaging app to enjoy benefits conferred only to the vaccinated.

Our presenter, Brittany Allen of the fraud solutions provider Sift, has done extensive research into how vaccine passport fraud is currently occurring, who’s involved and where it’s occurring. So, join us for this session to examine how fraudsters are currently exploiting vulnerabilities in “Covid Passports.”

We also looked a bit at the future. If the “vaccine hesitant” are already exploiting vulnerabilities in “Covid Passports,” what will malicious fraud rings do with them going forwards? Vaccine Passports, once implemented aren’t going away. And, they are “honeypots” of PII Data for cyber-crimals to commit identity theft. So what should citizens, businesses and governments do to prepare for the inevitable larger scale breaches of “Covid Passports” and their data?


Featured Presenter for this Webinar:
Brittany Allen, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift

Brittany Allen has more than a decade of experience combating e-commerce marketplace fraud at companies such as Etsy, Airbnb, 1stdibs, and letgo. Her expertise in fraud mitigation, policy leadership, and dispute management has led her to speak at numerous industry conferences and join Sift as their newest Trust & Safety Architect, a role focusing on trust and safety education, developing industry best practices and strategies, and being the voice of Sift.

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