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ATPS Fraud

Photo: ATPS Asia-Pacific 2019 in Penang

Date: 25 May 2021
Delegates: 200+
Merchants: Free Registration
Vendors: $249 

The Airline & Travel Payments Fraud Summit is the place for professionals from airlines and travel companies to make the best connections and find the best content to stay ahead of the fraudsters and achieve significant fraud-related cost-savings. It’s dedicated to bringing together professionals working in Fraud Prevention and Security from the global Airline & Travel Industry in order to share the latest fraud prevention strategies and solutions to keep businesses safe from the fraudsters.

This event and pre-event will be held on two different dates. First, there will be a Lion’s Den pitching contest of fraud prevention solutions on Tuesday, May 18th (pre-event) and then the main event will be on Tuesday, May 25th. The conference will be held on GoToWebinar and simultaneously streamed via our networking app. Additionally, there will be networking available on the conference app between these sessions. We’ll also be adding additional conference workshops throughout the month of May.

You can see the event schedule by clicking on the Agenda tab above. Registration is free for professionals from airlines and travel/hospitality providers and very low-priced for everyone else.

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Pre-Event –
Tuesday, 18 May 2021

10:00am – 11.00am Eastern:
(4.00pm-5pm Central European)

Lions’ Den” Pitching Contest of new Fraud Prevention Solutions

The Lions’ Den is Ai Events signature pitching contest and most popular presentation format. It offers a fun way to see the latest Fintech solutions, allowing participants to stay ahead of the latest market trends. This pitch-off will feature:

Frazer Middleton, Head of Technology Operations, Bakkt
Jamie Nix, Director of Infrastructure, UATP
Thomas Helldorff, Head of Technology Operations, Worldpay


Main Event
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

10:00am – 10.05am Eastern:
(4pm – 4.05pm Central European)

Jamie Nix

Welcome Remarks, Introductions & Overview of Objectives
Jamie Nix, Director of Infrastructure, UATP

10:05am – 10.45am Eastern:
(4.05pm – 4.45pm Central European)

Karisse Hendrick

Keynote Presentation: The 10,000 Foot View of Fraud
Karisse Hendrick, CEO, Chargelytics Consulting

Karisse’s bio reads “”Legend of e-commerce Fraud” recipient 2019; Chargeback Geek; Host of Fraudology Podcast; Startup Advisor; Keynote Speaker; Consultant to Fortune 500 merchants.” She’s a fantastic public speaker with current and hands-on knowledge of the latest in fraud that she will share with the event.

10.45am – 11.10am Eastern:
(4.45pm – 5.10pm Central European)


Tools and methods to fight fraud in the airline industry
David Hannum, VP Security & Crypto, Endava
Vojin Rakonjac, Airline Payment Specialist, Endava

Learn more about:
• Fraud trends to watch in 2021
• The various types of airline fraud
• Airline fraud prevention and its methods

11:10am – 11.30am Eastern:
(5.10pm – 5.30pm Central European)

Monica Eaton

Executive Interview
Monica Eaton Cardone, Founder, Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone is a highly-sought-after public speaker. She speaks from a position of self-taught, hands-on experience. With acute business resilience and an energetic intelligence, she stirs the can-do dreamer in all of us. Her public talks are inspiring and informative, with a real-world grasp of problem solving you don’t want to miss.

11:30am – 12.15pm Eastern:
(5.30pm – 6.15pm Central European)

Panel discussion: Where are we & what’s next?

Covid has changed fraud prevention! Travel companies laid off staff and fraudsters changed their attacks. Quick Serve Restaurants replaced travel as a favorite fraud target. Chargebacks soared in response to cancelled flights and travel. Account takeovers have increased. So, what’s next and how do we prepare it?

Marco Conte, Payments and Risk Consultant & Co-Founder, Payment Universe

Agustin Cerisola, Head of Business Operations, DLocal
Monica Eaton Cardone, Founder, Chargebacks911
Lewis Duker, Fraud Prevention Enterprise Account Executive, SecuredTouch
Dennis Köehler, Global Head of Payment & Fraud, FlixBus (invited)

Event Sponsors


ATPS Fraud will host decision-making in commercial departments from air carriers and travel companies from around the globe. Sponsorship offers an ideal opportunity to reach potential airline & travel business prospects.

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