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Airline & Travel Payments Summit Fraud Virtual (ATPS Fraud)
Staying Ahead of Fraud in Travel’s Recovery

Date: 25 May 2021
Location: Online
Delegates: 200+

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The Airline & Travel Payments Fraud Summit (ATPS Virtual) is the place for professionals from airlines and travel companies to make the best connections and find the best content to stay ahead of the fraudsters and achieve significant fraud-related cost-savings. It’s dedicated to bringing together professionals working in Fraud Prevention and Security from the global Airline & Travel Industry in order to share the latest fraud prevention strategies and solutions to keep businesses safe from the fraudsters.

This event and pre-event will be held on two different dates. First, there will be a Lion’s Den pitching contest of fraud prevention solutions on Tuesday, May 18th (pre-event) and then the main event will be on Tuesday, May 25th. The conference will be held on GoToWebinar and simultaneously streamed via our networking app. Additionally, there will be networking available on the conference app between these sessions. We’ll also be adding additional conference workshops throughout the month of May.

You can see the event schedule by clicking on the agenda tab above. Registration is free for professionals from airlines and travel/hospitality providers and very low-priced for everyone else.

  • 25 May 2021 in Online
    The Airline & Travel Payments Fraud Summit is the place for professionals from airlines and travel companies to make ...

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ATPS Fraud Hot Topics:

  • How has fraudsters behaviour changed due to Covid-19?
  • How to stay ahead of voucher fraud as more vouchers for cancelled flights are used.
  • Chargebacks: staying ahead and winning credit card disputes
  • Account Takeovers: With 2020 seeing a large increase in ATO’s, protecting your business & your customers

  • Account Security: Are passwords a thing of the past?
  • Call Center: making sure your call center isn’t the lowest hanging fruit for fraudsters
  • Fraud Prevention Tools: what are the rights ones to keep your business safe
  • Employee Fraud: Ensuring that your collegues are your allies and not your enemies


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    *Airlines, OTA’S and Travel/Hospitality Providers



    • $100 – Until February 26th
    • Payment by Credit Card.

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