Live event marketing – how to approach it right today -
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Live event marketing – how to approach it right today

Ai Editorial

Can marketers count on live event marketing and prepare to engage in person?  A diligent approach is required, right from planning to execution, to get it right.

22nd April, 2021

The timing, value and execution of live event campaigns is being evaluated. Live event marketing specialist Elite Marketing Group has been able to establish promotions that reward customers at supermarkets, in parking lots etc. in the U. S. The team asserts that live event marketing is safe and such campaign don’t require “big budget”.

Speaking during Ai’s webinar about myths associated with live event marketing, Elite’s VP – Onsite Customer Acqusition, Dara Giammalva, pointed out that the team acted diligently and ensured that health and safety agreement featuring employees/ staff was adhered to plus safe interactions with customers were prioritised. The team worked upon on critical aspects from the early stages of the pandemic. “The objective is to create a safe environment (for live events/ campaigns),” mentioned Dara, who added that employees fill a questionnaire, which revolves honesty and transparency, for instance, the history of their movement/ interactions. Also, events have different objectives, locations, executions etc. “We were able to get back as early as this summer,” she said. How to handle product sampling, for example? Mask, gloves etc. were made mandatory.

“Live event marketing works well with loyalty program members,” said Elite’s COO Brett Whiten, who added that electronic data devices have been handled adeptly, in a safe and compliant manner. Also, safe touchscreens and contactless solutions like QR codes have been quickly adopted by customers.

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Conceptualizing, planning, designing, creative (e. g. layout, kiosk, signage etc.), technology and execution of such events is key to getting it done the right way, said CTO Mardi Galdamez, who acknowledged that live events tend to be challenging. “Understanding the layout, traffic flow, signage/ kiosk etc. are all vital,” he said. Also, technology elements – gamification, apps etc. – too have a role to play. “Knowledge, experience, demographics and training of the people is equally important as well,” said Galdamez.

“It was imperative to address the objective (of such campaigns) during our first few live events in the early phase of the Covid pandemic. What was one trying to achieve and who the audience was were among the challenges during the initial stages of the pandemic. Also, are people going to engage – are they willing to touch? What would be the right approach and training to make it attractive or seemingly fit for customers to participate,” explained Galdamez. QR Codes proved to be an important ally in campaigns as they are already an important part of our day-to-day lives. According to Galdamez,  food delivery gift cards, e-cards etc. are popular giveaways.

Whiten clarified that it is a myth that live event marketing sacrifices quality for quantity.

As Elite recommends, any marketing effort is improved in efficacy by remaining consistent through multiple touchpoints.  If marketers engage with a customer in person and through other channels such as digital, social, email etc. that message will resonate greater. “Ultimately we want to walk customers through a consistent story and reward them for each touchpoint that they travel through.  If you can gamify the experience…..even better!” stated Elite Marketing Group’ CEO, Brad Horowitz earlier this year.

By Ritesh Gupta

Ai Team

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