Blockchain and Airline & Travel Revenues: Goldmine or Fool’s Gold?

Date: Friday 25 February 2022, 10am EST/3pm CET
Location: Online
Delegates: 100+
Free Recording: Watch Now!

Will blockchain play a part in airline and travel sales? One of the biggest talking points in airlines and the travel industry today is using artificial intelligence (AI) to figure out what products and services to bundle in an offer to show a travel shopper. This session explores if blockchain is an alternative solution to (AI) to help airlines and travel companies drive more sales, sell more ancillaries, and make better offers to the customer.

It featured Oliver Ranson who recently wrote an article on this topic on his Airline Revenue Economics substack.

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Chris Staab

Managing Partner,
Ai Events


Oliver Ranson

Ranson Pricing


Blockchain and Airline & Travel Revenues
Loyalty & Revenue Management Co-Host

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