ATPS Payouts & B2B Payments Update
Effectively Managing Payouts & B2B Payments
Thursday 25 February

Date: 25th February 2021
Delegates: 200+
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Overview: Learning lessons (and quickly) from the pandemic has become a brutal reality for all parts of the airline and travel industry and none more so than when it comes to paying suppliers and refunding customers. The complex payment process for airlines, travel agents, and all travel-related companies, combined with all the COVID uncertainty has forced many to face up to some uncomfortable realities. Bankruptcies in the travel value chain have increased risks, too.

This virtual conference focused on paying out securely to both customers and suppliers to both lower payment costs and reduce complexities.

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Exclusive Inteview with Thomas Helldorf,
VP Airlines, Worldpay

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ATPS B2B Update Hot Topics

  • Lessons From Covid
  • Recovery Strategies: streamlining and cost-cutting backend processes
  • Reducing Costs of Customer Compensation
  • B2B Payments Solutions
  • Open Payment
  • Home Office effect on payments security
  • Airlines and Hotel Relations with OTA in 2021
  • Cancellation and Refund Policies

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