Understanding the Latin American Market: how to do business in this growing region

Date: February 20, 10am ET/4pm CET
Place: Online
Delegates: 100+
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Latin America is of interest to international companies due to its current and potential economic growth and growing Middle Class. The Covid-19 Pandemic hit the region particularly hard due to the large number of informal workers who lost their jobs with little to no safety net. However, the Pandemic also banked the region’s previously unbanked Lower and Middle Classes, catapulting them into the e-Commerce space. This means Millions of new Latin consumers can and are purchasing products online.

While those from abroad see these opportunities of one “Latin American Market,” Latin American is actually comprised of different cultures, climates, languages, and nations. This can making doing business a challenge, which is further complicated by many national Currencies and dozens of different national regulatory and legal schemes.

In this webinar, we will had business executives from around the region talking about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Latin America.

Our panelists are listed below:

Understanding the Latin American Market


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Chris Staab

Ai Events


Alejandro Ormeño

Experta Commerce


María Paula Arregui



Lucas Ivan González

Chief Product Officer


Renato Mendonça

Director of Revenue Management & Pricing,
Gol Airlines


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