Travel Retail & the New World of Distribution: A deep dive into Revenue Management, Shopping and Virtual Interlining

Date: 3rd March 2021
Location: Online
Delegates: 200+
Watch Recording: Click Here

In this second of our webinar series concerning travel retailing with Leapshift and JR Technologies, our panel of experts discussed Revenue Management, Shopping and Virtual Interlining. Watching the recording of this session that took place Live on Wednesday 3rd March, viewers will:

  • See the panel answer those questions that we seldom hear.
  • Gain understanding of new concepts and how they could be the right fit for the current time. There is no one size fits all… listen in and discover many different ideas.
  • Learn if it’s possible to run your business differently from the traditional way airlines and travel companies have previously done.
  • Find out why we think that commoditisation of the airline product is a natural progression.
  • Hear why we think that connected retailing must accelerate.

This webinar recording is of great interest to all working in Distribution, e-Commerce, Online Retailing, Pricing, and Revenue Management with airlines, car rental companies, hotels and Online Travel Agencies.

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Leapshift JR Technologies
Recording of this webinar
Recording of the first webinar of the series

Our Panel

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Chris Staab (Moderator)

Managing Partner,
Airline Information


Anders Lofgren

Digital Retail and Innovation Specialist,


Ann Cederhall



Rob Broere

JR Technologies


A Word from the Speakers

Recording of this webinar
Recording of the first webinar of the series

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