The Status Cliff: the downgrade tsunami about to hit loyalty programs

Date: 8 December 2022, 10am ET/3pm UK
Location: Online
Delegates: 100+
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As many global airline and hotel loyalty programs are set to not extend their members’ loyalty statuses earned in 2019 and extended until now due to the pandemic, millions of loyalty program elite travelers are set to be downgraded next year. We call this the “status cliff,” and it’s expected to have a major impact on airlines and hotels. Watch this webinar to see:

1) What the status cliff is all about
2) This impact of the status cliff on Loyalty Program Members (including testimonials from actual travelers)
3) What areas of travel businesses will be affected, from co-brands to lounges and other departments in between.
4) What you can do as a loyalty program to mitigate damage and ride this wave to increase revenues and gain new customers.

This session was facilitated by Mark Ross-Smith, Co-Founder of Statusmatch, and who is well known in loyalty program circles.


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The Status Cliff:
The Downgrade Tsunami About To Hit Loyalty Programs

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