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NDC – Retrofitting Payments: Fraud

Date: 7 December 2021, 10am ET/4pm CET
Location: Online
Delegates: 600+
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This webinar is part of the series of webinars organized by Airline Information and Up in the Air travel payments consultancy on “NDC” Retrofitting Payments.” It will focus on NDC and fraud.

IATA’s New Distribution Capability, or NDC, is nothing more than an XML based standard that facilitates airlines and others in the travel space to sell more effectively online. In others words, it allows airlines and other travel companies to have “offer and order management” to be more profitable online retailers.

While NDC is not as complicated as many make it out to be, using NDC effectively does change online sales processes. And commercial changes to sales processes in turn create opportunities for fraudsters. So this webinar will have experts sharing the fraud implications and some fraud-related use cases of NDC.

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Paul van Alfen

Managing Director,
Up in the Air


Tuuli Perkio



Sondra Feinberg

Global Workload Lead,


NDC -Retrofitting Payments: Fraud
NDC -Retrofitting Payments: Ask me Anything
Held September 14th 2021. Second webinar of this series.
NDC -Retrofitting Payments
Held June 30th 2021. First webinar of this series.

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NDC -Retrofitting Payments: Ask me Anything
NDC -Retrofitting Payments
Held June 30th 2021. First webinar of this series.