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NDC and a better payment strategy

Ai Editorial

15th June, 2021

The travel industry is evaluating current processes and payment workflows to reap benefits on several counts.

In the hospitality segment, a section of the industry is focusing on a standard, featuring APIs, to automatically orchestrate a sophisticated payment workflow, involving different payment service providers and forms of payment. The idea is to send more information along with the booking and direct how payment needs to be executed.

As for New Distribution Capability (NDC), new workflows will emerge with the implementation of this standard.

How can NDC enable airlines to improve upon their payment strategy, CX etc.?

Key areas:

  • Lower fraud costs
  • Lower cost of payment
  • Payment acceptance
  • Revenue generation


Explaining an aspect, LeapShift‘s Ann Cederhall in an interview mentioned, “Full NDC means that the airline issues the ticket and controls all distribution through its API and Offer and Order Management System (OMS). If the agent still issues the ticket or be that the order, you are still restricted to what that ticketing system is accepting as payment. If you as the airline provides the offer and then fulfils the order, i.e. you control your OMS then you are in full control and your payment is aligned with what your website offers.”

Hear from following experts on 30th June:

Paul van Alfen Yanik Hoyles Thibaut Ruy Laurie Gablehouse
Stuart Barwood Sascha Huwyler Mirza Adnan Beig
Ian Tunnacliffe Chiara Quaia Jorge Díaz Thomas Helldorff

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