Date: Thursday 5 August 2021, 11am Singapore
Location: Online
Recording: Request Here

Mega Event 2021 Asia-Pacific’s sessions focus on driving revenues from loyalty programs. However, these revenues are threatened due to the growing problem of Account Take-overs (ATO’s). Stolen accounts, including millions of travel and loyalty ones, are then sold on Dark Web Marketplaces, and now more and more via groups on the Telegram messaging app, as well. This session, conducted with Sift, looks at what Loyalty and Travel data and accounts are sold on the Dark Web; How they are sold; How much they sell for; and How your business can get ahead of the growing trend of ATO’s.

This session is a must watch for anyone working in Loyalty Marketing, Brand Management and Customer Experience at airlines and travel brands.


This webinar is led by Jane Lee, Trust & Safety Architect with Sift. She has extensive background in Trust & Safety with both Facebook and Square. It’s a must attend for anyone working in Loyalty Marketing, Brand Management, Customer Experience, Cyber, Fraud and Risk at airlines and travel brands.”

Loyalty & Travel Data on the Dark Web

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