Covid Passports: The Magic Bullet for Driving Travel Demand?

Date: 8th April, 10am EDT/4pm CET
Location: Online
Delegates: 100+
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The Loyalty Security Association hosted a panel discussion webinar on March 30th on fraud and security concerns related to Covid-19 Passports. That panel brought up non security issues with Covid Passports that we tackled in this session. One such challenge was various “anomalies” that must be overcome for Covid Passports to truly facilitate mass travel. For example, some countries don’t allow anyone unvaccinated to travel, prohibiting families with kids, who can’t be vaccinated, from traveling. This panel discussed various similar anomalies that remain to be worked out and got into the issue of customers who can’t or won’t take the vaccine, and what that means to demand for travel and the recovery of the global Airline & Travel Industry. Will the industry be creating “2nd class Customers?”

Watch this recording to see what Covid-19 Passports are and if they will, or perhaps won’t, increase demand for travel.

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Our Panel

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Chris Staab (Moderator)

Managing Partner,
Airline Information


Stuart Barwood

Director Global Airline Strategy,


Clive Bourke

President EMEA & APAC,
Daon (VeriFLY)


Oliver Ranson

Consultant & Founder,
Ranson Pricing Limited


Peter Gerstle

Group Head of Travel Products,
Collinson Group


Gary Leff

View from the Wing


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