Asia-Pacific Airlines and Travel Industry Fraud Prevention Meeting -
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Asia-Pacific Airlines and Travel Industry Fraud Prevention Meeting

Date: 22 August 2023, 2:30-5:00pm
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Delegates: 30+

Airlines and travel companies are a top target for fraudsters of all sorts. The one thing they all have in common is that they are not brand loyal. They will steal, cheat and rip off anybody and any company if they can get away with it!

So, how do you combat these constant threats? One way is by sharing insights and best practices amongst industry professionals. Which is why ATPS APAC Hosted for the 8th year front line fraud professionals from airlines and the broader travel industry in this closed door, invite only session.

The afternoon offerec the chance not only to hear from your fellow front line fraud professionals, but also from 4 industry experts. They shared their expertise in a number of key areas:

  • Cybersecurity | Steve Francis, Global Airline & Travel Segment Lead, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard
  • Chargebacks | Tania Platt, SVP Commercial, Outpayce from Amadeus
  • Loyalty Programs and Account Takeovers | Chris Staab & Michael Smith, Co-founders, Loyalty Security Alliance
  • Enumeration Attacks | Martin Lee, Director Managed Risk Services APAC, Cybersource/Visa

You’ll be able to question each of the industry professionals about their areas of expertise in a small group set up. This is designed to enable a free flow of ideas and experiences both from different companies and different parts of the region. Fraudsters are also meeting like this, running conferences and, on the likes of the Telegram messaging app sharing their best practices to outwit travel companies. You’ll get to hear first hand about what they are doing and steps being taken to prevent being beaten by the scammers.

Following these small groups sessions, participants will meet in a closed session. Led by Peter Gross from Virgin Australia, the group will, as in previous years, hear first hand from fraud professionals helping their customers and their businesses get good sales and prevent fraud. To sign up for an invite please click here. We’ll let you know if you qualify to take part.

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