Webinar: Driving the Organizational Change for Airline Sustainability

Date: 25 January, 10am ET
Location: Online
Delegates: 100+
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Airline CEOs need to tackle three transformations simultaneously: digitalization, agility, and sustainability. To maintain scale economies and secure future growth, sustainability is the all-encompassing transformation. This cuts across all silos, departments, and divisions of an airline.

To plan, operate, and optimize sustainable flight operations and services, people need to collaborate toward common goals within their organization as well as across the overall travel, transportation, and hospitality vertical.

This transformation requires more than introducing technologies or improving processes. It requires organizational redesign beyond the functional, linear, and production-centric models currently used by airlines to govern their organization.

This webinar demonstrated how data-driven organization redesign tools can help design and deliver high-performance, purpose-driven airline organizations in which people across all departments are aligned towards common goals and ESG and DEI objectives.


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Chris Staab

Managing Partner,
Ai Events


Ricardo Pilon

Pomona Capital


Tim de Boer



Driving the Organizational Change for Airline Sustainability

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