Accelerating Co-brand Customer Acquisition in 2022

Date: 13 January 2022, 10am EST/3pm CET
Location: Online
Delegates: 100+
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Airline & hotel loyalty program valuations are underpinned by cash flows generated from co-brand partnerships. To grow loyalty program valuations for airlines & hotels, programs, banks, and card schemes are investing in customer acquisition channels to fuel the growth of the co-brand portfolios. However, traditional co-brand acquisition channels are becoming expensive and losing effectiveness. With the rising cost in customer acquisition and card issuer appetite to grow the portfolios expand, statusmatching has become the front runner marketing mechanism to maintain an influx of new cardholders.

In this webinar, CFO Stuart Melim and  NWL Founder Phil Gunter talked about how StatusMatch solved an industry problem of slow, costly & fraud riddled statusmatching. They took a 30-year old marketing concept and turned it into a co-brand customer acquisition marketing powerhouse for airlines & hotels


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Phil Gunter

New World Loyalty


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