Selling in the Sky

How Can Airlines Grow Ancillary Revenues Inside their Cabins?

Onboard Retail Benchmark Will Change How Airlines View Onboard Retailing, Ancillary Revenues and Selling in the Sky
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Onboard Sales Will Power Ancillary Revenue Growth

Over the past few years, airlines have monetized meals, baggage, seat selection and more just to cover fuel and other volatile operating costs, some more successfully than others. The path toward developing a competitive edge – and indeed, for airlines’ survival – now lies in focusing on a complete onboard retail strategy that encompasses everything from traditional duty-free to virtual shopping in the sky and, importantly, embracing the technology and analytics to do so.

The GuestLogix Onboard Retail Benchmark was created to help the airline industry understand the enormous potential of onboard retail generation and to enable more informed decision-making about onboard retailing initiatives, including:

  • Understanding the sales opportunities and key onboard trends through business intelligence derived from analytics
  • Connecting and engaging with passengers throughout the entire journey lifecycle
  • Generating sustainable ancillary revenues by expanding duty-free offerings beyond the basics – to including more “virtual” products and services, including destination-based services.

Selling in the Sky: The Onboard Retail Potential

Onboard retail is a challenging environment: airlines must determine what to sell to customers, understand what sells best based on departure and arrival destination, flight distance, and diversify their onboard product and services selection to match passenger demand accordingly.  On the other hand, “selling in the sky” creates the perfect opportunity for airlines to rebuild brand equity and reignite passenger loyalty by offering products and services that enhance their customers’ experience.

As unbundling approaches its apex, airlines that survive and thrive will be those that seek more predictable, profitable and sustainable revenues by focusing on value-added initiatives to tangibly enhance their passengers’ experience.

With more than eight years of experience in helping airlines develop onboard retailing initiatives, GuestLogix’ Onboard Retail Benchmark is destined to help airlines better understand passenger purchasing behaviors and onboard sales trends, as well as the technology required to grow their onboard operations and monetize the full potential of selling in the sky.

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